We recognise that small & medium businesses are the lifeblood of the local and national economy. Whilst they have the advantage in terms of individuality, customer service and creating a "vibe” within their neighbourhoods, they don’t enjoy the benefits of big business buying power, systems, invoicing, data, and marketing opportunities.

Hum’s mission is to provide exactly that.

Hum is an e-commerce platform that assists food service businesses of all sizes to optimise their operations with incredibly simple technology. For suppliers to these businesses we also offer an opportunity to access more customers that traditional sales methods allow.

Creating efficiency from start to finish - for both sides


How we keep you humming



Save hours each week by placing all of your orders with suppliers in one click. You also have the option to create a standing order. Simply select the days you want your goods delivered, select the quantity you require for each day, and that’s it.


Hum orders are stored and organised automatically. Once you’ve placed your orders, Hum will send you an electronic invoice vastly reducing your paperwork, time, and cost.


Hum will give you access to great product promotions/specials through the platform and our supplier marketplace. We also update you on new products suppliers are bringing to the market.


Great products and great value


Our commitment is to always partner with suppliers that offer the freshest quality produce available at an attractive price. Hum is partnered with local fresh produce suppliers and leading Australian brands that you know and trust. You’ll find a great range of local products backed up with service you can depend on.



Hum makes it easy to get products from your phone/computer to your pantry.

We know it takes a lot of effort to run your business and the path to profitability can be difficult. The time it takes to manage suppliers, place orders, negotiate pricing, accept deliveries and manage the paperwork can be overwhelming. Hum is a platform for streamlining these processes and can not only save you hours of time each week but also improve your profitability. Our platform is used by chefs, cafe owners, F&B managers, restaurant managers and caterers to make ordering food & beverage supplies easy…


Start using Hum today!